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Susan K. Flinn Consulting

Since 1998, Susan K. Flinn has helped social change organizations and public health agencies work more efficiently and effectively. Her clients are organizations that have important work to do – but that are short of time, staff, or specific skills. Ms. Flinn fills these gaps and helps get the work done. Her specialties include HIV/AIDS education and prevention, teen pregnancy prevention, women's health, and positive youth development. She provides writing and editing services, meeting and special events management, and project oversight.



A native Washingtonian, Susan K. Flinn has been in the public health and public policy field since the late 1980s. That doesn't make her old – it makes her experienced. She has worked in a number of local and national non-profits advocating for public health, public policy, and social change. So, she knows how challenging it is to get everything done right, and on time. To learn more about her, click here.

Client List

Susan K. Flinn has been privileged to work with some really great organizations on a wide variety of interesting issues and projects. To see the complete list of her clients, please click here.


It can be easier to show examples of work, rather than trying to describe specific projects. For each of the areas below, click through to learn more about past activities in the areas, and to see examples of Susan K. Flinn’s work.

  • Project Management – Sometimes organizations have very specific needs but lack the staff to handle the work involved.
  • Materials Production – Clients often need documents researched, written, and/or edited in a clear and professional manner, and on time.
  • Meeting Management – Services include meeting planning and logistics, as well as preparation of reports and summaries so that all the hard work that went into the meeting is not wasted.